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  • Sadl And Qabd

    Faisal Haroon updated 3 years, 1 month ago 2 Members · 3 Replies
  • Faisal Haroon

    Moderator December 16, 2020 at 6:43 pm

    Qabd is not one of the required actions of salat (hence the natural state of sadl). Sadl/qabd do not require ijma and tawatur because they belong to the optional part of salat.

    Please refer to the video below from 1:41:51 to 1:48:01 in order to understand the matter in principle.

    • Ahmad Shoaib

      Contributor January 13, 2021 at 8:20 pm

      How do we know whether it is part of the optional or obligatory parts? It would be from the sunnah (ijma and tawatur) right?

    • Faisal Haroon

      Moderator January 14, 2021 at 7:06 pm

      Everything that is mandatory has reached us with ijma and tawatur.

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