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  • Q&A: MEEZAN – Al Hikmah – Part 12 – Belief In GOD

    Posted by Atif Siddiqui on March 14, 2021 at 4:01 pm

    MEEZAN – Al Hikmah – Part 12 – Belief in GOD – Javed Ahmed Ghamidi (Oct 12, 2019)


    Q: You have mentioned on 2 -3 occasions that Allah judges all dealings with ‘Adal’ & ‘Hikmah’ (Justice and reason), it is possible that we will discuss Allah’s Sifaat in following chapters, but question is that does few Sifaat of Allah supersedes others? (Sifaat = attributes)? From 53:15 to 55:07

    Q: According to Allah’s Sunnah everything goes through a process and it can take time. We also see that Allah mentions in the Quran that when I decide to do something it just happens instantly ‘Kun Faya Kun’. How do we connect both things together? From 55:11 to 58:48

    Q: Sunnat-ul-Allah, can his laws and things he created can change by his will; as an example, does Allah also change the attribute of its khalq, like for example fire burns things, can Allah change its attribute so that fire does not burn stuff? From 55:49 to 1:01:19

    Q: Everything happens with Allah’s will and similarly mankind also posses free will; but Abu Lahab’s story as mentioned in the Quran defies free will? He is being given verdict that his place is in hell fire. From 1:01:22 to 1:03:50

    Q: If a person has not committed crime yet, in future is he commits a crime / sin can we be punished before he commits it, as Allah’s is all knowing about the past and future? From 1:03:50 to 1:04:30

    Q: How do we explain episode of Khizr? As in this story Allah has shown that child was killed before he can grow up and commit a sin? From 1:04:31 to 1:06:35

    Q: Jaza-Saza (Reward or punishment) will be decided on the day of judgement, but it is said that some people will receive punishment in present world or before the day of judgement? How do we interpret this? What is makaafat-e-aml (Retribution)? From 1:06:35 to 1:12:37

    Q: Allah sends Azaab(punishment) for the people who disobey the Prophets, so how do we perceive that the day of judgement will be for all people (good and bad)? Or will it be for disobedient people only? From 1:12:38 to 1:15:21

    Q: Actions taken by Allah are basically manifestation of his laws? Does Allah intervene based on his laws? From 1:15:22 to 1:33:38

    Q: When we look at this universe, people with religious inclination associate it with Allah, but other people associate it with nature, is it a literal discussion only? From 1:16:48 to 1:21:58

    Q: You have mentioned the difference between ‘Permission and Will’ that it is not necessary that when we exercise our will, we also have permission for it but if we do not have permission how can we exercise our will? From 1:21:59 to 1:22:52

    Q: If Allah does intervene then why do we see in the world that there are atrocities being committed, children dying etc., why does Allah let this happen? From 1:22:55 to 1:27:33

    Q: If Jaza-Saza (Reward or punishment) decision will be based on Allah’s sunnah that pious people will go to Jannah and non-pious will be hell bound, then what is the concept of ‘Shifaat’ ‘recommendation’? because only hell bound people will need recommendation? From 1:27:34 to 1:30:41

    Q: We learned about cause and effect, physical world follows this predictable rule of cause and effect, but when it comes to mankind their actions will result in its effects, does not it make it unpredictable and variable contrary to our understanding that this world is predictable? From 1:30:43 to 1:32:29

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