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  • Q&A: MEEZAN – Al Hikmah – Part 13 – Belief In GOD – Javed Ahmed Ghamidi

    Posted by Atif Siddiqui on January 8, 2022 at 3:59 pm

    MEEZAN – Al Hikmah – Part 13 – Belief in GOD – Javed Ahmed Ghamidi


    Q: Should we seek ‘Justice’ or ‘Rehmmat (Mercy)’ from Allah? From 1:13:58 to 1:15:32

    Q: As mentioned in hadees that ‘if a person commits himself to wrongdoing or a good cause his blessings or punishment is written as per his act, when a person performs a wrong or forbidden act he will be held responsible for his act of wrongdoing’, question is if the result of his wrongdoing does not result in a negative outcome will the person will still be held responsible for his wrongdoing? From 1:32:16 to 1:34:40

    Q: As Amin Ahsan Islahi said that here (subject: Belief in God) ‘if humans does not have liberty / freedom, there would not be any difference between humans and animals’. So, question is that animals also enjoy freedom, should we interpret this as ‘will’ or ‘freedom’? From 1:32:42 to 1:39:53

    Q: you have mentioned here two things that 1) Allah gives guidance to those who commits wrongdoings 2) Allah has given ability to humans to distinguish between good and bad? But in reality sometimes we see that in domestic issues between two people, both are thinking that they are correct? Both are in their honesty believing them selves to be correct, why does this happen if there is guidance from Allah? From: 1:39:54 to 1:44:20

    Q: What is the essence of ‘Adal’ (Justice)? How can people be forgiven without abrogating or suspending Adal?

    From 1:44:20 to 1:48:25

    Q: You used a word ‘Tamheez’, which means to correct the faults in humans or provide guidance? Where is it mentioned in the Quran? From 1:48:28 to 1:50:52

    Q: you have mentioned that the attributes to humans are a shadow of its creator’s attributes, so the attribute of ‘disaffirmance’ in humans is also part of creator’s attribute? From 1:50:55 to 1:52:36

    Q: In explaining one of the verses in Quran, you mentioned that the ‘good act’ is by Allah’s will and ‘Evildoing’ (shar) is due to will of humans, so why humans are not given due result of his good acts? From 1:52:36 to 1:55:45

    Q: The word ‘Qist’, this is Allah’s attribute and Allah want humans to adopt it as well ‘Qaim bil Qist’ ? From 1:55:46 to 1:57:23

    Q: What is ‘Ulul ilm’ means? From 1:57:26 to 1:58:10

    Q: When a person gives a reference to something it should be verifiable to ascertain its truth, but when Allah gives some references how can verify it? From 1:58:11 to 1:59:22

    Q: The system that Allah has designed and established a meezan (balance) when we see natural disasters in this setup where we can place these events in his meezan? From 1:59:24 to 2:01:02

    Atif Siddiqui replied 2 years, 1 month ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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