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  • Quran 3:35 – Parents Choosing A Study Field For Children

    Posted by Abdullah AbdulRahman on November 16, 2022 at 2:02 am


    Ghamidi sahab in many of his talks and in book Selected essays say that:

    the state does not allow, and rightfully so, any governmental and non-governmental organization to set up universities of higher education where they can enrol such students as have not completed general education for twelve years. Therefore, no institute can try to make doctors, engineers or experts in any other discipline of those who have not gone through the basic general education for twelve years. Strangely however, this condition does not apply to those who set up madrassas and produce religious scholars. In these institutions, students are enrolled right from the beginning. Their future role as religious scholars is decided while they have just seen school.

    But in Quran 3:35 we read that:

    Remind them of the incident when ‘Imrān’s wife prayed: “Lord! I have dedicated to Your service this child which is in my womb by relieving it of all responsibilities.[811]

    Footnote:[ 811] Among the Israelites, devoting a child to God would mean that he be dedicated for the service of the Bayt al-Maqdis and he would have no obligation to earn, feed and run a household.

    Umer replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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