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  • Difference Between Male And Female Nature

    Posted by Sameer Namole on December 17, 2022 at 11:42 pm

    ✅ What are differences between male and female nature? As we know that their are many differences at a glance in both these genders. Like we see Ghamidi sahab says while explaining concept of Marriage that it is based upon nature of both, that male should be head of the family. Just like that women like to wear Gold jewellery etc. That’s why Quran has given them extra advises on it. Just like physical traits their emotional makeup is different too than males. Even in intimacy, it is said one gender is submissive in nature. But can we figure out definitively what are major differences between both these genders?

    Like I feel women are more of emotional being like emotions are dominant than logic, vice versa in men. Is this conclusion right? Because I feel they act like childish many a times. They overexpress emotions. Like I feel let it be mother or sister or maybe wife, they don’t want to be right always, they want to be heard and respected and given attention.

    Like men talk less they don’t express things that easily.

    ✅ Why I am asking this question? Because not understanding their nature or in other words nature of opposite gender can lead to many serious problems. Like if there are differences, it can be foundation for what we can expect from them or how should we behave with them. Like we feel male and female ego is somehow different too.

    🌟 Example : In a argument, if a man is expecting the woman to just hear and obey him, while it is not necessarily found in nature of women, that can lead to unsatisfied circumstances.

    🌟 That’s why we see even Ghamidi sahab says that though man has to lead in marital bond, the secret for happy married life is to obey what wife says 😅 I hope you’ve got my question.

    ✅ So sir I want to know “haqaaiq” of this reality. Like for democracy, a vast majority may feel they’re being betrayed as minority too is getting same rights like that of majority but Ghamidi sahab made it clear that the how the foundational principle behind nation states is based on equality for all communities etc. So the thing become clear for me. As Ghamidi sahab says ki “Buniyadi mukadma insaan ke jo jaraye ilm hai, uspar mabni hona chahiye” So I want to understand these things that what are different dominant traits in feminine and masculine nature.

    So, Can I have some blogs or articles too with your answer where we can find these definitive differences.

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  • Difference Between Male And Female Nature

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  • Abid Nasim

    Member December 18, 2022 at 2:38 am

    Bio differences:

    1) on average, from the same gene pool, a woman’s heart is smaller. (ref: Her oxygen requirements are lower.

    2) a woman’s brain is multi-tasking; man is more goal focus, single task oriented (woman can be a better fighter pilot)

    3) a woman has more nerve endings for pain but higher tolerance for pain as well, making her better at empathy (and jobs where empathy is desired, like teaching and healthcare)

    4) Damages in Y chromosome mean men die earlier (again, from the same gene pool)

    5) [controversial] testosterone/estrogen balance means men are more promiscuous then women, attire choices being function of mores rather than libido

  • Umer

    Moderator December 19, 2022 at 7:07 pm

    To understand nature of something, we use method of induction after studying a sample of the same specie and observing their traits and inducing results based on our observation. Some of these observations become so prominent that they beomce universally agreed upon realities. A detailed study of gender differences remains a matter of science and/or social science, but some of these differences are so prominent that they are universally agreed upon.

    What Ghamidi Sahab said was limited to only religious domain where a man is made the head of family in his capacity as husband, based on certain traits conducive to fulfil the financial responsibility of a household.

    Discussion in the following thread sheds light on this matter from Quranic perspective:

    Discussion 1769

    How to study Nature:

    Please refer to the video below from 1:44:00 to 1:49:17

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