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  • Job As A Barber And Forbidden Haircuts In Islam

    Posted by Taimur Mughal on March 18, 2023 at 12:40 pm

    My question is;

    There are hadiths like Reported by Al-Bukhāri no. 5920 , An-Nasā’ī no. 5051, sahīh and other hadiths that I dont know but you guys are the scolars so you might know them.

    In these hadiths it is mentioned that al qaza haircut is haram.

    I am about to start a barber course in september 2023 and now I am a little confused as whether this job is halal or haram.

    I dont want to earn haram money so please kindly explain me what these hadiths are talking about?

    Because if shortening hair from sides and leaving the above part is haram ; then I don’t see how this profession can be even halal in these times. Because that is like 80 to maybe even 90% of men that do these haircuts. Like the soldier haircut, sides are short or even making it bald and leaving the hair on crown.

    What is the context of these hadiths or what kind of hair is it forbidding? Please explain to me because otherwise I will start this study and making God angry and that is not what I want.

    I do searched about beards; that it is not haram to shorten or cut it, however cleanshave is haram.

    Thank you.

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  • Job As A Barber And Forbidden Haircuts In Islam

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  • Umer

    Moderator March 19, 2023 at 7:15 pm

    No such haircut is haram unless it involves any of the prohibited activities as mentiond in Quran 7:33 i.e. in the form of a supertitous belief or Biddat or a polytheistic notion behind them.

    Principles of Determining Haram:

    Discussion 1749

    To understand Ghamidi Sahab’s take on how to approach hadith corpus from an epistemological stand-point, you’re requested to please go through all the resources provided in the following response or at the very least, go through the text and videos provided under the heading “placement of Hadith in the overall framework of religion“:

    Discussion 66135 • Reply 66162

    The problem with such ahadith is that they lack their pretext and context and are an understanding of the narrator narrating them. Therefore, no permanent injunctions are to be extracted from Ahadith, instead they are application of injunctions available in Quran and Sunnah.

    When all the narrations are in seen on this topic, it becomes clear that actual prohibition was due to some polytheistic belief associated with those kind of haircuts and some religious innovations in this domain were also being practiced by people of the book at that time.

    When all the hadith on this matter are seen, it becomes clear that these narrations are actually about such beliefs because in one of the narrations, there is mention of leaving a lock of hair while cutting the rest of them and we know such locks were used as a way of polytheistic ritual of ‘mannat‘ in the name of a diety (Source: Secondly, in another narration, the narrators seem to have a difficulty in their own comprehension of the directive i.e. whether it applies to only boys or to girls as well, and the inclination of narrator towards boys also shows that this polytheistic ritual had to do with boys only. (Source:


    Hence the conclusion is that it was not a blanket prohibition rather, it had to do with certain polytheistic attitudes of that time. In today’s time, all haircuts are permissible unless there is some polytheistic notion attached to it or any other prohibition as mentioned in Quran 7:33. But it is for the person to decide, not for the barber to decide for them because haircutting itself has become too generic of an activity and too hard to be associated with polytheism in general terms.

  • Umer

    Moderator March 19, 2023 at 7:19 pm

    Also please note the clean shave is not Haram in Islam. Please refer to the following thread for details:

    Discussion 1261

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