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  • Riba On Non-Consumable Item Or Rent

    Posted by Shah Alam on August 12, 2023 at 1:42 pm

    AS salaam alaikum

    I want to ask question for the sake of healthy discussion.

    Let take a example

    A poor man shift to live in a locality where drinking water is unavailable and he needs a RO water purifier to filter borewell water to fullfill thirst of his family members. His monthly saving after expenses is 2000 rupees and the cost of machine is 10000. He get a assurance to get friendship loan without interest from his relative but after few months later. But he need RO machine instantly bcoz drinking water is lifeline. Now he go to market and a shopkeeper give him a two option. First one is he can buy RO machine at cost of 10000/- and second option is he can take RO machine at rent of 2000 per month. A poor man take a machine on rent with a hope that he get friendly loan from his relative few months later and then he purchased the machine. But with time, conditions has changed. Relative unable to keep promise at time and took 10 months to give friendly loan. A poor man total monthly saving gone on rent every month. After 10 months have been passed he realised that he has given 20000 rupees to shopkeeper as a rent but machine cost is just 10000/-. He feels himself cheated and victim but he has no option at all.

    After above story

    Isme 2 event mix hein, kiraya ka maamla aur non consumable item ka maamla.

    1st case – Shopkeeper ke mutabik usne kiraya liya he yeh to riba nahi hua.

    2nd case – shopkeeper ne non consumable item per extra profit kamaya he tou uske according riba nahi hua.

    Ab aap zara shopkeeper ke alfaaz “rent” ko “sood” se change karke imagine kariye ki 10000 ki non consumable item ke liye har mahine 2000 sood dena parta he. Aisa mehsoos hoga ki gareeb aadmi mahajaan sood waale ke chakkar me fas gaya. Ghamdi sb ne sood ke pichi ki hikmat ko samhajne ko bataya tha tou wahi hikmat is case me bhi dikh rahi he Question : Tou kya alfaaz change karne se asaliyat badal jaaygi.

    Umer replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Riba On Non-Consumable Item Or Rent

    Umer updated 6 months, 2 weeks ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
  • Umer

    Moderator August 14, 2023 at 11:51 pm

    This is a pure economic transaction and based on the available information, it could be due to poor decision making on the part of the tenant or undue exploitation done by the seller.

    However, even in this scenario, the difference between riba and rent can be understood.

    Had the needy person taken a loan on interest and he would have spent that amount in purchasing the filter. Now he is required to generate the principal amount of money plus the interest which would burden the person twice, hence riba (being demand of profit on loan).

    In case of a machine taken on rent, if on any occasion, the tenant fails to pay the rent, the machine still belongs to the owner and he can take it back anytime without putting any additional burden on the tenant as it was the case with loan.

    However, if the seller is charging unsual rent to exploit the situation of the needy person, then this is definitely unethical and the seller will be sinful. However, this does not fall in the specific domain of riba but in the general domain of consuming wealth of others through unfair means (Quran 4:29). Riba is one specific application of the general principle described in Quran 4:29.

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